My Journey

from Childhood Dance to Essensual Expression

When I was a kid, something happened to me that would change the way I would express joy through my body up until womanhood & motherhood. Since childhood, dance was always my passion and the most natural way in which I could express my joyful essence with total generosity.

In those days, I would play my favourite cassette tapes of Madonna and Michael Jackson over and over and over again, learn all the s.xy moves and lyrics and vibe so high, that I would feel my chest wanting to explode full of life!
I was 8, and It was my school´s X-mas party. I was wearing my favourite jean frilled mini skirt and a floral blouse.

I was so exited

because we had a DJ play all of our favourite music in this enormous hall and an incredible sound-system that blasted so potently, the base could lift you up and make you move effortlessly with grace to the TOP 80’s tracks of the time. And the exhilaration was general amongst all us kids. Moving, dancing, laughing and having SO much fun.

Dance after dance I remember sensing myself opening and opening, feeling higher and higher and expressing myself through my movements with authenticity and beauty.

I embodied those sensual tracks, moved my hips ferociously to the beats, that unfolded into pleasure, expressing that natural innocent, erotic essence with so much joy… It was such a build up…to this day I remember!

As I was riding the peak of my intimate experience, dancing to Michael Jackson, I went fully into repeating his “AU!” moves until I got it just like I saw in the video clips.

I was so excited and enjoying this feeling getting bigger and bigger, expanding and expanding, when suddenly I got a tap on the back.
I stopped, looked back, still in a transe state… It was my mother!

“Darling, can you stop that ? It's embarrassing me. Everybody is looking at you and commenting!”

I was in shock!

A few seconds back I was immersed in my pleasure, feeling deeply connected to my body, to life flow and all of a sudden I felt so much shame & embarrassment and sadness as if I had done something wrong and was harming others.
Little did I know then, that I would never forget that episode and that that traumatic experience would live in my body, psyche and spirit for decades to come.

For years after that, as I grew and began to discover my s.xuality, I would find myself cutting myself off from feeling expanded states of pleasure, because of fear of doing something wrong that would make others feel uncomfortable or harmed. So I taught myself to hide & contain this natural, magic blessing of mine and not give space to it’s full expression.

That was then…

Nowadays, i find that it is this quality of childlike innocence that I am commited to cultivating in my Life, and more specifically in my erotic expression.

The joy of feeling one´s body move and sharing the beauty with everything that surrounds, curious, vibrant and spontaneous is so deeply nourishing and I am engaged in giving space to the gifts this little girl wishes to share with the world.

And for you?

If my journey resonates with you, and you’re seeking to rediscover your own pathways to joy and self-expression, join me. Let us dance together, exploring the movements that reconnect us to our deepest joys and our most profound truths.

I offer personalized 1-on-1 sessions designed to help you navigate and reclaim your expressive and erotic self. Contact me to schedule a discovery session and start your tailored journey of self-exploration and liberation.

Sending much gratitude and love and looking forward to hear from you.




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