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Beyond the Misconceptions 

The Transformative Journey of Somatic Sexology

As you can imagine, working in the field of Somatic Sexology is often misunderstood with sexwork, where the service is transactional & where clients can pick an experience from a menu that will momentarily satisfy their needs & desires around sex, pleasure & intimacy.

The men who have worked with me know that my approach is fundamentally different.

I take on male clients that are ready to look deeply within, that are ready to enquire into their blind spots, reflect upon their habits & patterns, & acknowledge where their impulses, strategies, & automatic responses have been in service to meeting a deep unmet need, a deep inner wound.

We won’t engage in pleasure practices to numb you or distract you from your uncomfortable feelings, but it is through pleasure, that we can invite them to surface, to be seen & accepted in order to begin the process of re-wiring the limiting patterns that have installed over time.

Are you ready to do the work & connect intimately with yourself, to your somatic intelligence, & embrace ALL aspects of yourself (especially the ones that you’ve been avoiding)?

Are you willing to surrender to your inner knowing, your inner guidance?

Are you ready to take RESPONSIBILITY for your choices, your wants & ultimately your life?

If you resonate with my approach & feel the calling to grow & expand into that version of yourself that you are longing for…. …& If you are ready to be guided and supported by me with love & kindness on this journey of vulnerable transformation, then get in touch with me.

Contact me to schedule your free 20 minute discovery call.
You will thank yourself for doing so!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this journey towards personal transformation. What aspects of this approach resonate with you? Are there areas in your life where you feel a similar approach could be beneficial? Please share your insights and questions in the comments below or send me a personal message.

Engaging in open dialogue can enhance our understanding and support our collective growth. I’m here to listen and respond, fostering a community where we can all learn and evolve together.

Join the discussion and let’s explore these profound topics together.
Your voice is valued here!


With Immense love, Arantxa🌺


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