Somatic Intimacy

The Somatic Intimacy Workshop
An in-person Workshop for

Couples, Lovers & Intimate Friends

 Saturday May 25 – 10 AM to 6/7 PM
Aljezur, SomaDaTerra

Have you ever wondered just how deep your connection with your partner could truly go? Imagine embarking on a journey together, exploring new dimensions of intimacy, guided by ancient wisdom and the latest in scientific research.

Your Path to Deeper Connection

This special weekend is an invitation I extend to you—couples, lovers, and intimate friends—to join me in discovering the transformative power of Somatics. This approach integrates the full spectrum of human experience, embracing body, mind, and spirit to deepen intimacy not just with each other, but within yourselves.

Saturday May 25 , 10am-7pm

 The Womb With a View, SomaDaTerra, Aljezur

€ 90 -€ 150 sliding scale per person, reflecting the value you anticipate and your financial situation.

Spaces Are Limited:
This intimate journey is designed to offer you both the impulse and the methods to cultivate a thriving practice with your beloved. I invite you to fill in the registration form soon to secure your place on this transformative journey to deeper intimacy.

Looking forward to guiding you and your partner on this beautiful path of connection and discovery.

Why Somatic Intimacy?

Somatics, derived from the Ancient Greek word soma, represents the human being in its entirety. It’s a pathway to aligning our behaviors with our deepest values, shedding outdated patterns, and fostering growth through embodied practices. In this workshop, you’ll learn tools and skills to enhance your relationship, exploring them together in the comfort of your own privacy post-workshop.

What You’ll Discover:

    • Somatic Awareness Practices:
      Enhance connection through mindful embodiment.
    • Active Communication & Repair Process:
      Express desires and navigate conflicts with clarity and heart.
    • The Science of Safety:
      Create a secure environment for intimacy using insights from Polyvagal Theory.
    • Sensual Movement & Play:
      Bring joy and playfulness into your relationship.
    • Personal Exploration:
      Dive deep into your desires and fantasies, enriching your erotic connection.

    And much more, all within a respectful and boundary-conscious space.

    What other people say…


    Curious to know about other’s experiences of working with me?

    Working with Arantxa has been a magical journey of self reclamation. Through working together, I have been able to experience new aspects of myself and my sexuality. Arantxa holds incredibly nurturing and safe space and I’m grateful to have given myself this gift – sex education as I believe it should be.


    Arantxa made my first experience of sexual bodywork very beautiful. I felt warmly welcomed and understood what I’m coming for. Her clarity of what she can offer to me and the fact that she left me many choices of how I want to work, made me feel very comfortable. I feel she is highly professional in what she’s offering, a beautiful and shiny vibration to be surrounded by and most of all, she made me feel super safe. I can highly recommend to work with her. Thank you Arantxa.


    My growth in this process, in your guidance and support, is a pivot in my life, going through my days now.
    You are providing me with just the right doses of professionalism mixed with sensitivity and gentleness. I’m so happy I had the foresight and confidence to drink this potion. I don’t know how long this will be going on and how much is still awaiting to be learnt but you have already helped melting some critical layers of my shell to help me feel myself closer and allow myself to be more exposed. Just felt the call to send you this.

    Such important work. Arantxa is an amazing professional, authentic, trustworthy, beautiful person who lives and works from the heart, and whose sessions aI can highly recommend. If you want to go on a deep intimate journey with your self, being held in a safe space and feel listened to and seen, I would not doubt to book a session with this body-wise human being.
    Thank you Arantxa for bringing this work into the world.

    Amina Petra