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Are you aware that everything you have been told
about Sex and Intimacy is simply not true?

About Me Arantxa

Do you realize that you never got the sex education you needed to be equipped for a fulfilling sex life? A sex education that is focused on pleasure, relationships and expanding your own personal potential?

Developing your sexuality & expanding your pleasure
is a skill anyone can learn.


    Such important work.
    Arantxa is an amazing professional and an authentic, trustworthy, beautiful person who lives and works from the heart.

    Amina Petra

    Do you want to be able to experience your sexuality in a relaxed, natural way, without being influenced by shame or tabus?

    Do you have a feeling that you could experience more pleasure, more satisfaction more joy in your sex life but you just don’t have the right tools?

    I am here to support your deepest and highest intention(s) for yourself.

      About Me Arantxa

      Individual and Group Sessions

      From intimite one on one sessions to easygoing exploration group sessions.

      Sexological Bodywork

      Sexological bodywork is a pioneering leading edge healing modality that sits at the intersection of erotic and therapeutic touch, deepening your wellbeing.

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      Essensual M&E

      A closed group space and exploration into the Movement and Expression of your essential sensual. Six week explorations, intensives and retreats.

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      Embodied Sex Coaching

      A non touch modality, that teaches you in a practical way how to overcome challenges with your sexuality or expand your pleasure possibilities.

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      Why work with me?

      Transform Your Intimacy & Pleasure

      Discover a transformative journey focused on deepening connections and enhancing pleasure.
      Let me explain what sets my approach apart:

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      Here´s how our working together could look like:

      What other people say…


      Curious to know about other’s experiences of working with me?

      Working with Arantxa has been a magical journey of self reclamation. Through working together, I have been able to experience new aspects of myself and my sexuality. Arantxa holds incredibly nurturing and safe space and I’m grateful to have given myself this gift – sex education as I believe it should be.


      Arantxa made my first experience of sexual bodywork very beautiful. I felt warmly welcomed and understood what I’m coming for. Her clarity of what she can offer to me and the fact that she left me many choices of how I want to work, made me feel very comfortable. I feel she is highly professional in what she’s offering, a beautiful and shiny vibration to be surrounded by and most of all, she made me feel super safe. I can highly recommend to work with her. Thank you Arantxa.


      My growth in this process, in your guidance and support, is a pivot in my life, going through my days now.
      You are providing me with just the right doses of professionalism mixed with sensitivity and gentleness. I’m so happy I had the foresight and confidence to drink this potion. I don’t know how long this will be going on and how much is still awaiting to be learnt but you have already helped melting some critical layers of my shell to help me feel myself closer and allow myself to be more exposed. Just felt the call to send you this.

      Such important work. Arantxa is an amazing professional, authentic, trustworthy, beautiful person who lives and works from the heart, and whose sessions aI can highly recommend. If you want to go on a deep intimate journey with your self, being held in a safe space and feel listened to and seen, I would not doubt to book a session with this body-wise human being.
      Thank you Arantxa for bringing this work into the world.

      Amina Petra

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